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This is my hamster Maggie's page.

Unfortunately, Maggie passed away in September 1999. She died of old age. But luckily she led a happy life that brought joy to people around her too. I must say, I was quite heartbroken when she passed away. But I am sure that she has gone to a better place now (Hammy heaven perhaps?..). She will be dearly missed...

munch munch...

(My hammy loves to nibble on sunflower seeds)

Name: Maggie Hamster
Gender: Female
Variety: Teddy hamster (short-haired)
Descriptiom: Small, chubby hamster with light brown and white fur.
Date of Birth: She was about 2 weeks old when I bought her from the pet store on December 22nd, 1997.
Behaviour: Playful one. Likes to run around in her clear plastic ball. Doesn't mind being petted. Can be pretty noisy at night. Friendly in general (has never nipped me).
Favourite Foods: Sunflower seeds, fresh vegetables and fruit (likes mostly lettuce), yogurt, and chocolate too (I give her special ones made for hamsters).
Favourite Spot: For some kind of reason, she likes the corner of my room (underneath the radiator). Whenever I let her out in my room, I try to block off that corner but she always finds a way there.
Mischievious Behaviours: I once let her out loose in my room. She hid in my closet for awhile. She was quiet and so I thought she was taking a nap. But little did I know, she ended up chewing the styrofoam off my bike helmet (located in my closet). From one side it looked okay, but when you look at the other side a chunk of it is missing! I didn't get mad at Maggie though. I just returned her to her cage and gave her a warning (not that she knows the difference, but it's worth a try disciplining her anyway). My helmet can still be used but it just looks a little warped now! :o) What a silly hamster...


(This is what my hammy looks like)



(This is how my hammy acts when she's happy) e-mail Ghislaine

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