I Will Get There

I've been wanderin' 'round in the dark
Been lost somewhere
Where no light could shine on my heart
I have known a pain so deep
But I know my faith will free me
(Get there)
I'll get through this
(Get there)

Don't tell me that it's over
'Cause each step just gets me closer
I will get there

I will get there
(I will get there)
I will get there somehow
Cross that river
(Cross that river)
Nothing's stopping me now
I will get through the night
And make it through to the other side
Get there, get there

I've been in these chains for so long
But I'll break free
And I'll be there where I belong
I'll hold my head up high
I'll stand tall
And I swear this time I won't fall
(Get there)
I will do this
(Get there)
No matter what it takes
'Cause I know no limitations
And I'll reach my destination
I will get there


Well the night is cold and dark
But somewhere the sun is shining
And I'll feel it shine on me
I'll keep on trying
I'll keep on trying


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